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Real time MIS - Development Partner



Our client, a leading market data distribution and FX trading platform vendor required specialist help to design and build a new application in HTML5 which would be bundled with their core trading product to help retain their clients.

The Requirements


The high-level requirement was for a new modern GUI which would allow its users to flexibly analyse their FX trading activity in real time.

The client wanted a development partner that they could work with to design the application from a functional point of view as well as to build the solution.

Data for the application needed to be sourced from the clients existing Oracle database infrastructure. New Java microservices would also be required to serve this data to the user interface.

Given our specialist experience in building trading system user interfaces as well as deep FX trading domain knowledge, Baker Technology were selected for the project.

The Solution


Baker Technology put together a team of four specialist developers and testers which were based at our City of London offices.

We partnered with the client’s product manager to design a highly flexible and innovative solution which would allow its users to design their own customisable real time reports and to drill down through the results.

Our developers worked across the technology stack to build a new TypeScript/JavaScript and CSS user interface together with the supporting java microservices and Oracle database code.

The Approach

We ran the project using our lightweight agile methodology consisting of daily stand-ups, regular show & tell presentations, transparent reporting and frequent releases.

We partnered closely with the client’s product manager to frequently prioritise a feature backlog which allowed the applications final functionality to adapt and evolve throughout the project.

We worked with the client’s own technology teams to source and analyse the data needed for the application and for deployment and integration testing.

The Outcome

The project was a major success. The client originally piloted the new application with several key clients of its core trading platform before rolling it out more widely across its user base.


At the end of the project we ran comprehensive knowledge transfer sessions for the client’s development team to transition responsibility for future development and maintenance of the application to them.


To discuss partnering with us to build your trading system user interface in the latest HTML5 technology please contact us.