Push Technology provides a real time data model and messaging solution that allows data to be distributed efficiently and at scale over the last mile.

Glue42 enables organisations to build smart desktops that support configurable workflows between web and desktop applications. Through seamless integration of UI and data, IT and operational costs are reduced, compliance regimes can be enforced and business-value delivered early.

With offices and R&D centres in London, New York and Bulgaria, Glue42 solutions are deployed at tier one financial institutions across 35,000+ desktops in the world.

We partner with Glue42 to deliver simple and intuitive user experiences among the world’s desktops and web-apps, reducing development costs and improving business outcomes.

Download the Glue42 white paper: “Beyond the Fragmented Financial Desktop: achieving a standardized, future proof foundation for enterprise applications” here:


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Raidiam helps organisations to deliver access to their data using digital identity and access management technology.

They were founded to help fill a gap at the centre of the UK’s Open Banking thinking on how to deliver a suitable trust framework that enables the ecosystem to flourish safely and securely.

Establishing themselves as a trusted financial services Identity and Access Management technology provider, this has given them a unique set of experiences to help guide their clients' thinking for standardising and implementing new commercial opportunities for both providers and users of data.