Micro Frontends

Micro frontends are applications where the individual parts of the application are broken out into different deployable parts and then composed together either by a server or client-side framework.

Over the last few years, our experience has shown that micro frontends are a good way of reducing the complexity of a large-scale application.

Micro front ends:

· Are easier to understand by developers

· Can be developed by different teams

· Can be released independently

· Allow for rapid prototyping of new features

Complexity reduction

Trading system user interfaces are some of the most complex user interfaces built in HTML5 and are typically composed of a range of different discrete tools (pricing, order entry, risk management, blotters and so on). By employing a micro frontend architecture, the complexity of the application can be reduced because each individual screen can be thought of as a separate application.

The screens can be brought together using either a client-side framework or rendered on the server. In our experience of building trading systems, this is usually done client side because of the flexibility required by the users of the system.

Scalable development

By employing a micro frontend architecture, independent teams are able to develop their UI components on their own release cycle which allows for development to scale efficiently.

Teams are able to choose their own technology stack (Vue, React, Angular), which ensures that developer skills within the company can be used efficiently.

Rapid prototyping

Another advantage of separating each component out into its own deployable unit is that the architecture supports rapid prototyping of different components. Developers can work closely with business users to iterate on different designs and then release the new versions to a subset of the business users for rapid feedback cycles.


There are a number of frameworks that support micro frontends. For more information, please see our page on integrated desktops.

Ready to move to micro frontends?

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